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Export Documents

There are various forms required for exporting goods from the United Kingdom. These include Certificates of Origin, EUR1's and ATR1's.

Certificates of Origin

There are 2 types of certificate of origin, Arab and EEC. An Arab certificate of origin should be issued when the country being shipped to is an Arab League country (except Egypt).

Members of the Arab League
Algeria Bahrain Comoros Djibouti
Egypt Iraq Jordan Kuwait
Lebanon Libya Mauritania Morocco
Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia
Somalia Sudan Syria Tunisia
United Arab Emirates Yemen

An EEC certificate of origin is issued for any other country.


An EUR1 is a form that is issued in order to ship goods between the United Kingdom and any country with preferential agreement with the EU. The goods being shipped must be of EU origin. A list of these countries known as GSP countries is available in Customs Notice 828.


An ATR1 is a form that is issued in order to ship goods between the United Kingdom and Turkey.


Certification is when a Chamber of Commerce stamp and sign documents on behalf of the shipper. The Arab British Chamber of Commerce certifies Arab certificates of origin and the Local Chamber of Commerce certifies EEC certificates of origin.


Legalisation is the term used when an Embassy or Consulate must stamp and sign a document on behalf of their country or when the Foreign Office attest a document for use overseas. Documents usually need to go to a Chamber of Commerce, Notary Public or the Foreign & Commonwealth Office or any combination of these Government bodies before legalisation can be done at the Embassy/Consulate.

Each Country has its own separate requirements for importing goods, which you would normally be advised of by the Consignee or a Letter of Credit. If not please, contact us and we will advise you of the minimum documentation required.

Track Your Documents

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