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UK Passports


The passport form is used for all types of passport requirements. THE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED IN BLACK INK AND KEPT WITHIN THE BOXES.

Photographs? must be on a light grey background and not more than 2 months old and of good quality. Paper and scanned photographs are NOT acceptable. For more guidance please click here.

Birth Certificates must be more than two years old (except children) otherwise two other original proofs of identification are required. (Driving Licence, Medical Card, NHS Card or Benefit Book).

The Mother must sign children's applications where possible, and full Birth Certificates are required showing parents details.

Counter signatory in section 10 of the application form must hold a valid British or Irish passport and be of a professional body. One photograph must state, "I hereby certify that this is a true likeness of (applicant's full name)" and be signed and dated by counter signatory.

Where the application is for a child the counter signatory must sign in section 10 that they have know the PARENT who signs section 9 and on the photograph must certify "that it's a true likeness of the child (full name)".

Agency Status

Ross Consular Services is a registered Agent at the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) Office in London. This allows us to lodge and collect passports on behalf of people. On collection we need to supply a letter signed by the applicant (not children under 16) authorising us to collect the pasport when ready. For us to collect a Childs passport, the parent who completed the application form must sign the letter. Giving their full name and date of birth stating that we are authorised to collect the passport of (Childs full name and date of birth).

The IPS offers two types of services when lodging by hand; they are "fast track" and "premium".

What is a passport?

A passport is a travel document that serves as the ultimate form of proof for a person's citizenship. Passports are issued by the appropriate authoritative power of a country's government. UK British Citizen passports are issued by the IPS.

Do I need a passport?

UK British Citizens require passports to exit/enter the UK and to enter/exit all other countries worldwide. It is the traveller's responsibility to carry the correct identification and entry stamps/visas during their travels abroad.

I am a British Subject. Does this mean I have the same rights of entry as a UK British Citizen passport?

A British Subject does NOT have the same rights as a British Citizen.

How/where do I obtain a passport?

In the UK, passports are issued by the IPS, which has various locations throughout the UK. Outside the UK passports are issued by British Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions. Ross Consular can provide the above services for British Passport holders in the UK except for Adults applying for the first time.

For how long is my UK passport valid?

Some passports may have a limited time due to exceptional circumstances.

When applying for a passport renewal, will I receive my old passport back?

Yes, unless the IPS deem it to be damaged.

How long must my passport be valid for my travel abroad?

Most countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the completion of your trip. If in doubt please contact us.

My passport will still be valid for my upcoming travels however I do not have any blank pages.
Can I obtain additional passport pages?

No. You must apply for another passport or you may be able to apply for a 2nd Passport.

How many blank passport pages do I need for my upcoming trip
and what is considered a "blank" passport page?

The amount of blank pages required to obtain visas depends on the country concerned that is issuing the visa. Blank pages must be clean and clear of any stamps, which include stamps coming through from another page.

I am recently married/divorced and have changed my name. How do I change the name on my passport?

Please go to Passport Amendments.

My passport was stolen and/or lost. How do I obtain another passport?

Please go to Lost/Stolen Passport.

Do children under the age of 16 require passports?

Yes, ALL children from birth now require their own passport when travelling.