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Child Passports & Renewals

To apply for or renew a childs passport you must provide:

Children of foreign parents when applying for a British Passport must provide the above and both parents' passports.

The counter signatory in section 10 of the application form must sign that they have known the parent who signs section 9 for 2+ years and must be a professional person. On the photograph they must state, "that it's a true likeness of the child (childs full name)".

Children aged 12 - 15 must sign section 6 of the application form.

For unmarried parents, the father is unable to sign the application form in section 9 unless he has proof he is the legal guardian.

On collection we need to supply a letter signed by the parent who signed section 9 authorising us to collect the passport when ready. Giving their full name and date of birth stating that we are authorised to collect the passport of (Childs full name and date of birth).